Shared Lives

We pride ourselves in being able to offer guidance & advice to our Shared Lives community, the jobs you undertake in taking care of our Adults in need is priceless and time consuming.

Therefore rather than spend your time approaching your existing bank because of loyalty only to be told your income isn’t acceptable, or be promised the earth by a mortgage advisor with no experience of your pay structure only to be let down further along the line.  Why not just save the limited time you have and place your trust in those that know.

Whatever your need we can help in the following ways;

  • Purchase
    • Whether this is to buy a larger house to accommodate your Adult Placements or to buy your first house to make their lives more secure than rented accommodation.

  • Remortgage
    • Whether this is purely to secure a new/better interest rate or borrow additional funds to improve your property.

  • Buy to Let
    • If you plan is to purchase another property that may offer you some financial security in the future in place of a pension.

So don’t be put off because you don’t tick the normal employed income box, let us help you to find the best solution.

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